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 *  Copyright 2015-2019 Egor Yusov
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#pragma once

/// \file
/// Declaration of Diligent::PipelineStateVkImpl class

#include <array>
#include <memory>

#include "EngineVkImplTraits.hpp"
#include "PipelineStateBase.hpp"
#include "PipelineResourceSignatureVkImpl.hpp" // Required by PipelineStateBase

#include "ShaderVariableManagerVk.hpp"
#include "FixedBlockMemoryAllocator.hpp"
#include "SRBMemoryAllocator.hpp"
#include "PipelineLayoutVk.hpp"
#include "VulkanUtilities/VulkanObjectWrappers.hpp"
#include "VulkanUtilities/VulkanCommandBuffer.hpp"

namespace Diligent

/// Pipeline state object implementation in Vulkan backend.
class PipelineStateVkImpl final : public PipelineStateBase<EngineVkImplTraits>
    using TPipelineStateBase = PipelineStateBase<EngineVkImplTraits>;

    PipelineStateVkImpl(IReferenceCounters* pRefCounters, RenderDeviceVkImpl* pDeviceVk, const GraphicsPipelineStateCreateInfo& CreateInfo);
    PipelineStateVkImpl(IReferenceCounters* pRefCounters, RenderDeviceVkImpl* pDeviceVk, const ComputePipelineStateCreateInfo& CreateInfo);
    PipelineStateVkImpl(IReferenceCounters* pRefCounters, RenderDeviceVkImpl* pDeviceVk, const RayTracingPipelineStateCreateInfo& CreateInfo);


    /// Implementation of IPipelineStateVk::GetRenderPass().
    virtual IRenderPassVk* DILIGENT_CALL_TYPE GetRenderPass() const override final { return GetRenderPassPtr().RawPtr<IRenderPassVk>(); }

    /// Implementation of IPipelineStateVk::GetVkPipeline().
    virtual VkPipeline DILIGENT_CALL_TYPE GetVkPipeline() const override final { return m_Pipeline; }

    const PipelineLayoutVk& GetPipelineLayout() const { return m_PipelineLayout; }

    static RenderPassDesc GetImplicitRenderPassDesc(Uint32                                                        NumRenderTargets,
                                                    const TEXTURE_FORMAT                                          RTVFormats[],
                                                    TEXTURE_FORMAT                                                DSVFormat,
                                                    Uint8                                                         SampleCount,
                                                    std::array<RenderPassAttachmentDesc, MAX_RENDER_TARGETS + 1>& Attachments,
                                                    std::array<AttachmentReference, MAX_RENDER_TARGETS + 1>&      AttachmentReferences,
                                                    SubpassDesc&                                                  SubpassDesc);

    struct ShaderStageInfo
        ShaderStageInfo() {}
        ShaderStageInfo(const ShaderVkImpl* pShader);

        void   Append(const ShaderVkImpl* pShader);
        size_t Count() const;

        // Shader stage type. All shaders in the stage must have the same type.

        std::vector<const ShaderVkImpl*>   Shaders;
        std::vector<std::vector<uint32_t>> SPIRVs;

        friend SHADER_TYPE GetShaderStageType(const ShaderStageInfo& Stage) { return Stage.Type; }
    using TShaderStages = std::vector<ShaderStageInfo>;

    // Performs validation of SRB resource parameters that are not possible to validate
    // when resource is bound.
    using SRBArray = std::array<ShaderResourceBindingVkImpl*, MAX_RESOURCE_SIGNATURES>;
    void DvpVerifySRBResources(const SRBArray& SRBs) const;

    void DvpValidateResourceLimits() const;

    template <typename PSOCreateInfoType>
    TShaderStages InitInternalObjects(const PSOCreateInfoType&                           CreateInfo,
                                      std::vector<VkPipelineShaderStageCreateInfo>&      vkShaderStages,
                                      std::vector<VulkanUtilities::ShaderModuleWrapper>& ShaderModules);

    void InitPipelineLayout(const PipelineStateCreateInfo& CreateInfo,
                            TShaderStages&                 ShaderStages);

    RefCntAutoPtr<PipelineResourceSignatureVkImpl> CreateDefaultSignature(
        const PipelineStateCreateInfo& CreateInfo,
        const TShaderStages&           ShaderStages,
        Uint32                         BindingIndex);

    void Destruct();

    VulkanUtilities::PipelineWrapper m_Pipeline;
    PipelineLayoutVk                 m_PipelineLayout;

    // Shader resources for all shaders in all shader stages
    std::vector<std::shared_ptr<const SPIRVShaderResources>> m_ShaderResources;
    // Resource attributions for every resource in m_ShaderResources, in the same order
    std::vector<ResourceAttribution> m_ResourceAttibutions;

} // namespace Diligent