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 *  Copyright 2015-2019 Egor Yusov
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#pragma once

/// \file
/// Helper function to load engine DLL on Windows

#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>

#include "../../../Primitives/interface/CommonDefinitions.h"

#    include "../../../Common/interface/StringTools.hpp"

#ifndef NOMINMAX
#    define NOMINMAX
#include <Windows.h>


inline FARPROC LoadEngineDll(const char* EngineName, const char* GetFactoryFuncName)
    const size_t StringBufferSize = 4096;
    char*        LibName          = (char*)malloc(StringBufferSize);
    FARPROC      GetFactoryFunc   = NULL;
    HMODULE      hModule          = NULL;

    // clang-format off
#if _WIN64
    const char* Arch = "_64";
    const char* Arch = "_32";

#ifdef _DEBUG
    const char* Conf = "d";
    const char* Conf = "r";

    sprintf_s(LibName, StringBufferSize, "%s%s%s.dll", EngineName, Arch, Conf);

    hModule = LoadLibraryA(LibName);
    hModule = LoadPackagedLibrary(WidenString(LibName).c_str(), 0);
#    error Unexpected platform
    // clang-format on

    if (hModule == NULL)
        printf("Failed to load %s library.\n", LibName);
        OutputDebugStringA("Failed to load engine DLL");
        return NULL;

    GetFactoryFunc = GetProcAddress(hModule, GetFactoryFuncName);
    if (GetFactoryFunc == NULL)
        printf("Failed to load %s function from %s library.\n", GetFactoryFuncName, LibName);
        OutputDebugStringA("Failed to load engine factory function from library");

    return GetFactoryFunc;

DILIGENT_END_NAMESPACE // namespace Diligent