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Asset Loader

The asset loading library currently supports GLTF 2.0 format.

GLTF 2.0

GLTF loader uses tiny gltf library and is based on Vulkan-glTF-PBR project by Sascha Willems.

The loader supports most of the major GLTF2.0 features:

  • [x] ASCII, Binary, and Embedded GLTF specifications
  • [x] PBR Materials (Metallic-Roughness and Specular-Glossiness workflows)
  • [x] Animations (skinned and articulated)

Note that the loader does not implement all aspects of the standard.

The loading functionality is implemented in Diligent::GLTF::Model class that initializes all Diligent Engine objects required to render the model.

std::unique_ptr<GLTF::Model> Model;
Model.reset(new GLTF::Model(pDevice, pImmediateContext, "models/DamagedHelmet/DamagedHelmet.gltf"));

The loader does have any rendering capabilities. Please see Diligent GLTF PBR Renderer.


GLTF2.0 Format Specification



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