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0 isomorphic keyboard explorer
1 ============================
3 This is a little virtual keyboard for playing with isomorphic musical keyboards
4 layouts such as the [Wicki-Hayden][wh] or [Jankó][janko] layouts.
6 The keyboard can be played via the computer keyboard (for the most part),
7 or by clicking on buttons. Alternatively, an external MIDI controller can be
8 connected via WebMIDI (Chromium-based browsers only currently). The virtual
9 keyboard will light up the corresponding button when a note is played.
11 Using the dropdown menu various musical scales can be highlighted on the
12 keyboard. The keys outlined in white make up one octave of the selected scale.
13 The scale can be transposed to any starting note by clicking "set offset" and
14 then playing the intended root note. Notes that are not on the scale at all are
15 dimmed.
17 Next to the keyboard, there is an "interval visualizer" that shows all the keys
18 currently pressed. The lowest note currently pressed is always shown at the
19 bottom of the range. All other notes are shown above it (and wrapped down to
20 the same octave as the root note if necessary). There is a tone/semitone scale
21 behind the notes, and each note shows the offset in semitones from the root note
22 next to it.
24 Whether by pressing keys or clicking buttons, the keyboard sends out MIDI Note
25 events via WebMIDI. In a compatible browser, this means that it can be used to
26 play synths such as the following:
28 -
29 -
30 -
31 -
33 [wh]:
34 [janko]: