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122122 this approach combines the benefits of dataflow programming for livecoding with
123123 those of a textual representation and the user-controlled evaluation moment.
125 dataflow:
125 from visual dataflow programming, the following benefits over common textual,
126 REPL-based livecoding systems are inherited:
127128 - direct manipulation of individual parameters of a system without disturbing
128129 the system at large
129130 - execution and dataflow are aligned and evident in the editable representation
130 - state is isolated and compartmentalized in locally
131 - state is isolated and compartmentalized in local elements
131132 - opportunity to visualize dataflow and local state<span class="sidenote">
132133 visualizing state of individual *op*s in editor-dependent and editor-agnostic
133134 ways that integrate with the textual representation is an ongoing research
134135 direction of this project</span>
136 textual representation and user-controlled evaluation moment:
137 on the other hand, the following advantages from such textual systems are
138 preserved, that are generally absent in visual dataflow environments:
138140 - high information density
139141 - fast editing experience