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1 proto_rgb
2 proto_encoder
3 proto_spi
4 knobs_all
5 knobs_testing
6 pcb_glamour_close
7 pcb_glamour_far
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9 pcb_glamour
10 pcb_glamour_connector
11 pcb_dev_configuration
12 pcb_dev_encoder
13 pcb_osc
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55 text "I also contacted some suppliers of machined aluminum knobs online and ordered a some samples from one of them.",
56 "I selected only knobs that are made made from solid aluminum and that use a set-screw for fastening to make sure
57 that the aluminum and the encoder would make electrical contact through the set-screw, which is required for the
58 capacitive sensing to work (at leas the way I implemented it)."
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5562 text "The daughterboards and controller communicate over a custom SPI protocol I designed.
5663 The controller configures the daughterboards on boot or request from the PC.
5764 It sends and receives OSC messages over SLIP-encoded Serial.