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1515 For example the blip heard when the ball bounces is the distortion seen in the same moment,
1616 and the noise heard when the ball is lost is visible as a glitch on the oscilloscope.
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20 ## History
21 *Plonat Atek* was originally developed in 48 hours for the *Ludum Dare 38 Compo* in June 2017.
22 It was awarded first place in the *Innovation* category and was placed 8th in *Audio* and 24th overall.
23 You can find the original submission [here][ld] and documentation on how to download and run the jam version on the [ page][itch].
25 Articles on the game accompanied by the video recording above have been published by [Hackaday][hackaday], [VICE Motherboard][motherboard] and others.
27 The jam version is designed to run on an end-user Computer and is played using the keyboard.
28 In early 2018 I decided to build a self-contained hardware version that is played using a rotary knob.
29 This is the version pictured above.
31 ## Artist Statement
2032 *Plonat Atek* is an exploration into the unification of audiovisual signals in the context of feedback in interactive systems.
2133 Both digital and analog audio signals are very thin encodings,
2234 as they map directly to the vibrations on our tympana and thereby the sensations they represent.
3446 The game itself is a reinterpretation of the classic *Breakout*, a game many players may recognize nostalgically and
3547 that has already gone through transformations from hardware to software, and from an arcade to a pc and finally a mobile game
3648 or something found on a children’s toy that comes free with an order at a fast-food restaurant.
50 [ld]:
51 [itch]:
53 [hackaday]:
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