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3232 This way, whenever I make changes to my content's adressing scheme,
3333 I simply change the URL location, and any old links that are floating around remain functional.
34 Should I ever change to another domain, I will consider simply leaving the redirection service running on this domain anyhow,
35 to keep old links alive. At least for a few years :)
34 It's also helpful to direct people to the best documentation for a particular project:
35 when I start working on something, it might exist only as a git repo,
36 but later in the project's lifecycle I may add a descriptive article on my website or as part of the blog.
37 Perhaps one of my projects will outgrow this website and need its own domain some time.
38 By always linking using a canonical project-URL, I can make sure that old links always point to the best place.
39 Also if I ever decide to move to a different domain again,
40 I can simply leave the redirection service running on here, at least for a few years :)
3742 Of course all of this doesn't work when visitors of my page navigate around by themselves,
3843 and then share the URL from their address bar.