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 *  Copyright 2019-2021 Diligent Graphics LLC
 *  Copyright 2015-2019 Egor Yusov
 *  Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
 *  you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
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 *  of the possibility of such damages.

#pragma once

/// \file
/// Declaration of functions that initialize Direct3D12-based engine implementation

#include "../../GraphicsEngine/interface/EngineFactory.h"
#include "../../GraphicsEngine/interface/RenderDevice.h"
#include "../../GraphicsEngine/interface/DeviceContext.h"
#include "../../GraphicsEngine/interface/SwapChain.h"

#    define API_QUALIFIER __attribute__((visibility("default")))
#    define API_QUALIFIER
#    error Unsupported platform

#if ENGINE_DLL && PLATFORM_WIN32 && defined(_MSC_VER)
#    include "../../GraphicsEngine/interface/LoadEngineDll.h"


// {F554EEE4-57C2-4637-A508-85BE80DC657C}
static const INTERFACE_ID IID_EngineFactoryVk =
    {0xf554eee4, 0x57c2, 0x4637, {0xa5, 0x8, 0x85, 0xbe, 0x80, 0xdc, 0x65, 0x7c}};

#include "../../../Primitives/interface/DefineInterfaceHelperMacros.h"

#define IEngineFactoryVkInclusiveMethods \
    IEngineFactoryInclusiveMethods;      \
    IEngineFactoryVkMethods EngineFactoryVk

// clang-format off

DILIGENT_BEGIN_INTERFACE(IEngineFactoryVk, IEngineFactory)
    /// Creates a render device and device contexts for Vulkan backend

    /// \param [in] EngineCI    - Engine creation attributes.
    /// \param [out] ppDevice   - Address of the memory location where pointer to
    ///                           the created device will be written
    /// \param [out] ppContexts - Address of the memory location where pointers to
    ///                           the contexts will be written. Immediate context goes at
    ///                           position 0. If EngineCI.NumDeferredContexts > 0,
    ///                           pointers to the deferred contexts are written afterwards.
    VIRTUAL void METHOD(CreateDeviceAndContextsVk)(THIS_
                                                   const EngineVkCreateInfo REF EngineCI,
                                                   IRenderDevice**              ppDevice,
                                                   IDeviceContext**             ppContexts) PURE;

    VIRTUAL void METHOD(AttachToVulkanDevice)(THIS_
                                              const VkInstance REF              Instance,
                                              const VkPhysicalDevice REF        PhysicalDevice,
                                              const VkDevice REF                LogicalDevice,
                                              const VkQueue REF                 Queue,
                                              uint32_t                          QueueFamilyIndex,
                                              const EngineVkCreateInfo REF      EngineCI,
                                              IRenderDevice**                   ppDevice,
                                              IDeviceContext**                  ppContexts) PURE;

    /// Creates a swap chain for Vulkan-based engine implementation

    /// \param [in] pDevice           - Pointer to the render device
    /// \param [in] pImmediateContext - Pointer to the immediate device context
    /// \param [in] SCDesc            - Swap chain description
    /// \param [in] Window            - Platform-specific native window description that
    ///                                 the swap chain will be associated with.
    /// \param [out] ppSwapChain    - Address of the memory location where pointer to the new
    ///                               swap chain will be written
    VIRTUAL void METHOD(CreateSwapChainVk)(THIS_
                                           IRenderDevice*          pDevice,
                                           IDeviceContext*         pImmediateContext,
                                           const SwapChainDesc REF SwapChainDesc,
                                           const NativeWindow REF  Window,
                                           ISwapChain**            ppSwapChain) PURE;

#include "../../../Primitives/interface/UndefInterfaceHelperMacros.h"


// clang-format off

#    define IEngineFactoryVk_CreateDeviceAndContextsVk(This, ...) CALL_IFACE_METHOD(EngineFactoryVk, CreateDeviceAndContextsVk, This, __VA_ARGS__)
#    define IEngineFactoryVk_AttachToVulkanDevice(This, ...)      CALL_IFACE_METHOD(EngineFactoryVk, AttachToVulkanDevice,      This, __VA_ARGS__)
#    define IEngineFactoryVk_CreateSwapChainVk(This, ...)         CALL_IFACE_METHOD(EngineFactoryVk, CreateSwapChainVk,         This, __VA_ARGS__)

// clang-format on



typedef struct IEngineFactoryVk* (*GetEngineFactoryVkType)();

inline GetEngineFactoryVkType DILIGENT_GLOBAL_FUNCTION(LoadGraphicsEngineVk)()
    return (GetEngineFactoryVkType)LoadEngineDll("GraphicsEngineVk", "GetEngineFactoryVk");


struct IEngineFactoryVk* DILIGENT_GLOBAL_FUNCTION(GetEngineFactoryVk)();


DILIGENT_END_NAMESPACE // namespace Diligent