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 *  Copyright 2019-2021 Diligent Graphics LLC
 *  Copyright 2015-2019 Egor Yusov
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#include "../include/DiligentFXShaderSourceStreamFactory.hpp"
#include "MemoryFileStream.hpp"
#include "StringDataBlobImpl.hpp"
#include "RefCntAutoPtr.hpp"
#include "../../../shaders_inc/shaders_list.h"

namespace Diligent

DiligentFXShaderSourceStreamFactory& DiligentFXShaderSourceStreamFactory::GetInstance()
    static DiligentFXShaderSourceStreamFactory TheFactory;
    return TheFactory;

    for (size_t i = 0; i < _countof(g_Shaders); ++i)
        m_NameToSourceMap.emplace(g_Shaders[i].FileName, g_Shaders[i].Source);

void DiligentFXShaderSourceStreamFactory::CreateInputStream(const Char*   Name,
                                                            IFileStream** ppStream)
    CreateInputStream2(Name, CREATE_SHADER_SOURCE_INPUT_STREAM_FLAG_NONE, ppStream);

void DiligentFXShaderSourceStreamFactory::CreateInputStream2(const Char*                             Name,
                                                             CREATE_SHADER_SOURCE_INPUT_STREAM_FLAGS Flags,
                                                             IFileStream**                           ppStream)
    auto SourceIt = m_NameToSourceMap.find(Name);
    if (SourceIt != m_NameToSourceMap.end())
        RefCntAutoPtr<StringDataBlobImpl> pDataBlob(MakeNewRCObj<StringDataBlobImpl>()(SourceIt->second));
        RefCntAutoPtr<MemoryFileStream>   pMemStream(MakeNewRCObj<MemoryFileStream>()(pDataBlob));

        pMemStream->QueryInterface(IID_FileStream, reinterpret_cast<IObject**>(ppStream));
        *ppStream = nullptr;
            LOG_ERROR("Failed to create input stream for source file ", Name);

} // namespace Diligent