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Tools module provides additional functionality on top of the Diligent Engine's core module. It implements render script and texture loading utilities. For more information, please visit

To build the module, see build instrcutions in the master repository.

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Version History


  • Implemented Vulkan backend


  • Added MacOS and iOS support


  • Removed legacy VS projects and solutions
  • Added HLSL2GLSLConverter project


  • Refactored build system to use CMake
  • Added support for Linux platform


Alpha release of Diligent Engine 2.0. The engine has been updated to take advantages of Direct3D12:

  • Pipeline State Object encompasses all coarse-grain state objects like Depth-Stencil State, Blend State, Rasterizer State, shader states etc.
  • New shader resource binding model implemented to leverage Direct3D12

Release notes:

  • Diligent Engine 2.0 also implements OpenGL and Direct3D11 back-ends
  • Alpha release is only available on Windows platform
  • Direct3D11 back-end is very thoroughly optimized and has very low overhead compared to native D3D11 implementation
  • Direct3D12 implementation, to the contrary, is preliminary and not yet optimized.


Initial release

For more details on the release, please visit

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