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If you have build or run problems, please read troubleshooting first.

Please double-check that your code is up-to-date, including all submodules.

If you have a question that does not require creating an issue, you may ask it on gitter.

For performance issues, please make sure you are running release builds. Debug builds may be significantly slower, especially on Windows.

For GPU-related problems, please make sure you have up-to-date drivers.

Please provide the following information:

  • OS and version you are running (e.g. Windows 10.0.18362, MacOS Catalina 10.15, etc.)
  • Build tools and configuration you used to build the engine (e.g. Visual Studio 2017 Debug x64 + CMake 3.15.4)
  • GPU and driver version you have installed on your system
  • Debug output, especially messages from Diligent
  • Call stack (if available)
  • If you experience a problem with one back-end, please try running other back-ends and see if the same issue arises