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Fedidag is an experimental DAG-based discussion platform/client.

It currently supports showing DiscDAG discussions and Mastodon threads. DiscDAG discussions are available from the main menu. Mastodon threads can be viewed using ?note=<ROOT_POST_URL>, e.g.

Running locally (development)

Both the client and proxy server are necessary for either Mastodon or DiscDAG connectivity. The client can be started like this:

$ cd client
$ yarn start # build, watch, and serve the client code
# (the client dev-server will listen at http://localhost:8080)

And the server like this:

$ cd server
$ yarn start
# (the server will listen at http://localhost:3000)

Running (production)

Build the client:

$ cd client
$ yarn build

Build the server:

$ cd server
$ yarn build

Copy the client code and run the server:

$ cd server
$ cp ../client/dist/* static/
$ export NODE_ENV=production
$ export PUBLIC_URL=http://localhost:3000 # change
$ export PORT=3000                        # change
$ node main.js

Running using docker

$ docker build -t fedidag .
$ docker run --rm -e PUBLIC_URL=http://localhost:3000 -e NODE_ENV=production -p 3000:3000 fedidag