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  • fragment (str): path to GLSL fragment shader.
  • width (int): horizontal rendering resolution. defaults to 1920.
  • height (int): vertical rendering resolution. defaults to 1080.
  • outputs: list of outputs. defaults to one 800x600 window. each output is a dictionary with the following keys:
  • type (str): currently always window.
  • width (int): window width. defaults to 800.
  • height (int): window height. defaults to 600.
  • osc: either a 'liblo URL' or dictionary with the following keys:
  • protocol (str): udp, tcp or unix. defaults to udp.
  • port (int): port to bind to. defaults to 9000.

libio URLs

Unfortunately undocumented by libio. The following formats are valid:

  • osc.udp://localhost:1234
  • osc.udp:// (multicast IP)
  • osc.tcp://:1234
  • osc.unix://localhost/tmp/mysocket