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This module implements additional functionality on top of the Diligent Engine's core module and contains the following libraries:

  • Texture loader: a texture loading library. The following formats are currently supported: jpg, png, tiff, dds, ktx.
  • Asset Loader: an asset loading library. The library currently supports GLTF 2.0.
  • To enable Draco compression, download Draco repository and include it into your project. Make sure that Draco source folder is processed by CMake before DiligentTools folder. Alternatively, you can specify a path to the Draco installation folder using DRACO_PATH CMake variable.
  • Imgui: implementation of dear imgui with Diligent API.
  • NativeApp: implementation of native application on supported platforms.

To build the module, see build instructions in the master repository.

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See Apache 2.0 license.

This project has some third-party dependencies, each of which may have independent licensing:


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